Barrett-Jackson 2014 Las Vegas SNEAK PREVIEW


Amazing SNEAK PICS of 2014 Barrett-Jackson Cars for Las Vegas Auction.

chevy belair

Boy did I have fun today skulking around the preview lanes of classic, unique, collectible and one-off cars on display as they wait for their new homes.

The bidding starts at 11 a.m. tomorrow in Las Vegas, and judging by the number of VIP preview buyers taking notes and pictures, I think this will be a fabulous event.

The collectible car market is HOT, and prices are rising like the thermostats on some of these wonderful autos.

BIG MONEY for Collectible Cars at Barrett-Jackson

Pedigree and provenance are a BIG DEAL today, as a car with history, complete paperwork and some unusual story can bring all the money as the hammer falls.

The right color, all stock, numbered, original parts are critical for the top dollar, but for those car lovers just hankering for a certain mystique, there are plenty of cars that will make a statement, regardless of the lineage.

Check out some of these preview pictures and video from today. More to come tomorrow and you can see other cars on the INSTAGRAM site: www.instagram.cp,/gaudinjplv

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