Airbag Recalls alarm Drivers of Honda, GM, Toyota, Jeep & Chrysler


Over 1 Million Vehicles included in Airbag recall.

Honda is the latest car-maker to be caught up in the latest recall  investigation into Airbags triggering without cause, joining Toyota, Chrysler, Jeep and General Motors.

2003-2004 Honda Odyssey is the latest vehicle to report the airbag falsely expanding.

This comes at a time when many manufacturers are partnering to keep R&D costs down, while sharing parts.

In the case of this airbag issue, the bad part comes from one supplier; TRW, perhaps the only supplier available back in early 2000, when many companies were using overseas manufacturing to keep costs inline.

While Toyota, GM and Chrysler have addressed the issue, which encompasses over 1 million vehicles including the Matrix, Jeep Grand Cherokees, Liberty, Viper, Toyota Corolla and Pontiac Vibe,  this is a recall for the other brands, Honda is acting in a proactive manner, while no recall on the Odyssey has been released.

The manufacturers are contacting owners and suggesting they visit the local dealer for a simple fix, many of these vehicles are now in the driveways of second or even third owners, where ownership records are unlikely to reach back to the dealership service records.  Owners of these cars, vans and suv’s should contact the local dealer to determine if their vehicle is one of those with the defective airbag part.

For more information on the Airbag problem click here:


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