Best Super Bowl CAR Ads


This Super Bowl 2013  (#47) the car ads spun from the sentimental to the ridiculous.

Only a few made the grade for a 4 or 5…

The score system ranked memorability, humorous (which we tend to remember), to edgy (which none were, car ads I mean), the sentimental ones tug the heart for a minute, but without a baby, animal or pounding rock score we tend to forget them.


Let’s see what YOU thought vs. our party attendees, made up of mostly middle-age former rock stars, car gurus and ad executives.

“Bring Your Team”
4 Stars Another Plays to the boys. Should have had a GIRL on the team!

“Epic Play Date”: 4 Stars Brought all the fun and whimsy and the rock score! too long.

Jeep: Sentimental.

Audi: 3 Stars Clever but plays to the boys… what about the other half of the population?

Lincoln: 1 STAR SAME OLE Same Old.

Dodge: “Farmer” 3 Stars Great voice of icon Paul Harvey, but too long.

“Challenger R/T”: Sentimental. 3 Stars.

KIA: “BABIES”: 5 Stars. Humorous, we’ve all been there moment.


TOYOTA: 5 Stars. Got it all. Funny, Animals, Kids, memorable.

Mercedes Benz: “DEVIL” 4 Stars Solid score, funny and relevant… too bad it’s not available for 8 mos!

“Kate Upton Car Wash” 5 Stars from the guys. 4 from the gals. The car gets 6 Stars for hot.

VW Beetle: “HAPPY FACE” 3 Stars. Okay we get it.

Thanks for posting your comments. See you soon!

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