#BAD Kia & Hyundai Fuel MPG stickers


The latest alert for KIA and Hyundai on the misrepresentation of vehicle fuel economy…

Congress,  specifically Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV)  the chairman of the Transportation committee, has sent a stern letter to the Korean companies, simultaneously sending a shot across the hood of every car manufacturer with sales interests in America:  “you can’t lie to the US consumer for the sake of  profits, and get away with it…”

Will this result in sanctions or jail time for the bosses? Fines? What can the government do to rectify the situation?

While the Senators’ letter demands a reply by Dec. 14th, other car makers are quick to insist their MPG ratings are up to snuff.

Yet a call by MyCarlady to Las Vegas area Kia and Hyundai dealerships received a bevy of answers to my questions regarding the rebate and remedy on the fuel campaign.

Kia dealer #1. told me “not all cars are involved and if the model was made in the USA, it doesn’t qualify.”  This was before asking for the VIN number of my car. When I asked for more information on the USA vs. Korea manufacturing facility statement, I was given an 800 phone number to call. WRONG NUMBER.

Hyundai dealer #1. Told me to bring my car into the service department and the service adviser would check the vin with the computer in the car to see if it was calculating correctly. HUH?

KIA dealer #2. explained only Korean made models were affected, and KIA would send me a refillable gas card for as long as I owned the car. The basis for the amount on the car would be determined by the miles I drive or have driven and how much of a discrepancy KIA estimated was happening between my actual fuel economy and the stated figure. So if I drive less miles I get less money?  What if I’m a more economical driver than the person racing from stop sign to stop sign, does that affect my cash card?  No answer.

These are just some of the issues and misinformation I’m sure Senator Rockefeller is alluding to in his letter to KIA and Hyundai.

Here’s how the EPA suggests the fuel consumption be rated, per the easy to understand Monrooney sticker on every new car.

But what if you bought your Hyundai or Kia used?  No reply.

MyCarlady will keep you posted as the gas gauge turns…


Sarah Lee Marks is MyCarlady. She has over 23+ years of experience. She writes about cars, and is a staunch consumer advocate on car related subjects. MyCarlady offers free car buying advice, and private, auto-related services to help you maintain your personal or commercial vehicles. Call Sarah Lee for more information: 702-521-7546. Join the MyCarlady newsletter to be kept up-to-date on this and other important car information.

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