Memorial Day Car Rebates & Incentives


Here are my picks for the top 2012 Memorial Day holiday car sales rebates and incentives.

As I have mentioned before, the more in demand cars have little to NO rebates or offers on them. For example, forget a discount or rebate on a Toyota Prius hybrid. LEXUS has up to $750 off many of their hybrids, but inventory is slim.

The best deal out there if you need a minivan is the KIA SEDONA with $2500 rebate money.

If you need an  mid-size SUV, look at the MAZDA CX-7, being discontinued, but still a great ride for the money.

KIA: $500.00-$1000 on most of the cars. Loyalty and competitive rebate avail.  .9%-2.9% interest rates for qualified buyers. BEST BUY $2500 rebate on a SEDONA MINIVAN

Hyundai: $500.00-$1000 with big money (up to $3000) on Genesis and Equus sedans. ) and 1.9% interest rates for qualified buyers.

ACURA: from $500 – $2000 on various models and rates as low as .9% for qualified buyers. Great lease deals on TSX, MDX and TL.

AUDI: from $1000-$3000 in rebates or interest rates as low as 1% for qualified buyers.

JAGUAR XF & XJ: Competitive, Loyalty rebates and up to $5200 in various incentives. Lease deals start at $499/mth for qualified buyers. 4yr/50k service included.

JEEP: from $500 on Wranglers to $3000 on Liberty. $1000 on Grand Cherokee and 0% financing for qualified buyers.

NISSAN: The LEAF has $a 500 rebate, if they are sold in your state that is a huge deal! Otherwise they have rebates up to $3000 on 2012’s and $4k on some 2011 leftovers. Interest rates as low as 0% for qualified buyers.

MAZDA: The Mazda 3 has a great rebate or interest rate as low as 0% for qualified buyers.

HONDA:  Interest rates as low as .9% and some special incentives of $500-up to $2000 to the dealer for advertising support. Lease deals are a better way to go, but you will find short supplies of popular models and color/option combinations.

TOYOTA: The best deal here is the $1000 or 0% on Corolla. The other cars scale from $500 to to $1000 on the more expensive models. Nothing on Prius. They do offer 2 year free basic service at no charge.

VW: NO REBATES  The best you can hope for here is a 0% to 1.9% rate for qualified buyers. Disclaimer: Not on my Top 10, but they do make popular cars so I threw them on the list for information purposes only.


Good luck finding the car you want and the rebates or interest rate, it’s a process. If you need help with your car shopping fill out and submit the form below.

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Please note: rebates change so check with the dealership. You may not be able to use a rebate AND low interest rate.

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MyCarlady offers free car buying advice, and private, auto-related services to help you maintain your personal or commercial vehicles.
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