JULY 4th-Holiday Deals-Rebates & Low Interest Rates


July 4th Holiday NEW CAR SALES are going to be nothing like Independence Day Tent sales of the past. Rebates are low, except on Trucks and big SUV’s, Inventories are low and Special 0% interest rates are for the 700 AUTO CREDIT scorers.

Here is my list of deals for July 4th CAR DEALS, including the inventories and availabilities.

TOP 5 2011  CAR DEALS for July 4th HOLIDAY SALES :

  1. KIA. Plenty of Soul, Optima and Forte inventory.  Rebates range from $500.00 to %1000 depending on the model. 2012’s are also on the ground.  Interest rates starting at 1.9% for 36 mos. (BTW-KIA has better inventories and rebates than Hyundai right now. Same warranty, same car.)
  2. FORD:Trucks have $1500.00 plus extras for loyalty.  Edge $1250, cars up to $500 plus the dealers have a bit more to play with if they hit the steps. SO expect them to raise the bar on trade-ins. FOCUS, FUSION and FIESTA are in plentiful supply. NO FACTORY INCENTIVES on the new 2012 EXPLORER, and very limited inventory.
  3. JAGUAR: GREAT lease deals that rival BMW, LEXUS and Mercedes. Check out huge offers of $599.00/mth on the XF premium. Reasonable selection on dealer lots, but everything changes the 5th of July.
  4. CHEVROLET: The biggest rebates of any on trucks and cars across the board.  $4500 on 2011 Chevy Silverado (hybrid t0o!)trucks and $2000 on Malibu, as an example. Traverse gets $1500.00 NOTHING for popular Equinox and Cruze.
  5. MAZDA: Offering $500.00 on almost the entire line-up or 0%-3.9% financing. PLUS the dealers have bonus cash to meet sales projections, which helps YOU get a lower payment or more for the trade-in.

The others new car deals, special sales offers, incentives.. CHRYSLER: The 200 is a flop so Chrysler is throwing $2000 on the 6 mos. old model. and $1000.00 on the 2011 Chrysler 300. 0% on some models for 36 mos.

BMW 328-335 series: The only car with a decent $3500 rebate and most of their cars have 1.9%-3.9% financing.  The 3 series gets a new body this fall, hence the extra cash-ola.

MERCEDES-BENZ: They are offering lots of low interest rates if you have a 700 credit score. The dealer has extra advertising cash to help make that deal, especially on the $100k cars that get 18mpg.

LEXUS: 2011’s have $1000, but don’t expect much else as inventories are slim to none and popularity hasn’t waned 1″.

NISSAN: Trucks they got up to $3000-$3500 on Titan and Frontier, Murano (1k) and Pathfinder, but don’t expect that to last as gas prices slide down. Car inventory and special lease deals Nissan is known for, not so much until production gets back to normal. Cube has $500.00 on it, if you can find one hiding. 0% on some models.

AUDI: Great rebates up to $2000 on the 2011 A7 but good luck FINDING any of these rebated models in stock. LOL. Great advertising bait.

DODGE: $3000 on a NITRO, $2500 on a Dodge RAM 1500 $2750 or 0%. $3000 on a 3500 but I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING A CUMMINS 6.7L !The new DURANGO get $2000 rebate and the cars $1000. take the low interest rate, but stay away from the ALLY leases.

TOYOTA: $500 is the best you can get if the dealer has a car in stock you want. 0% to 2.9% low interest is another option on most models. Take the lease program if you find one, it’s a better deal for you, as long as your qualify with a 700 AUTO CREDIT SCORE.  Don’t expect a lot of love on your trade-in, while they may want it, the Toyota dealers are being very picky about which brands, miles and models they will push the book on.

HONDA: BIGGEST LOSER in my book. No cash rebates. A few low interest rates if you qualify with a 695 or higher. The dealer has some discretionary advertising money but don’t expect a lot of love (discount), loyal Honda owners know these cars are packed with features and hold their value compared to other models, so pay the piper or don’t bother taking a test-drive.  Inventory is almost non-existent, so why give it away. Not their fault a Tsunami wrecked their summer sales quotas. If I missed your favorite or potential future car, send me a note and I’ll give you the DL.  Come back tomorrow for the latest holiday deals on USED CARS and what to look for when shopping CRAIG’S LIST this 4th of July 2011.


Sarah Lee is an automotive writer, personal car concierge and commercial fleet manager. If you need free advice on your car problem, question, issue, contact her at sarahlee@mycarlady.com for a confidential conversation.
She has over 22+ years of experience. She writes about Cars, and is a staunch consumer advocate on car related subjects.
MyCarlady offers private, auto-related services to help you maintain your personal or commercial vehicles. Call Sarah Lee for more information: 702-521-7546

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