DODGE CLASS ACTION DPF LAWSUIT COMPLAINTS GET BUYBACK RESULTS, finally.  I have forwarded over 350 copies of the complaint against Dodge on behalf of disgruntled Dodge Cummins 6.7 owners with DPF complaints anxious to participate in the Dodge class action lawsuit. Until this national class-action lawsuit the  numerous DPF complaints went largely ignored, costing Dodge diesel truck owners millions of dollars in turbo repairs, lost wages and depreciated trade-in dollars…until now.  The lawsuit complaints are getting Dodge’s attention and BUYBACKS are being offered, along with lifetime warranties etc. While many of these “buyback agreements” have been accompanied by “gag” orders not to speak about the pay-off resolutions, many readers of this blog have written to thank me for turning them onto this class-action lawsuit filing by the W.Craft Hughes law firm. 

However, I did receive one comment from a reader claiming he filled out the online form and the attys. mentioned above took his case to DODGE without his permission.  I contacted the law firm and I am printing their entire response [with their permission]. I don’t work for them or get a dime for any of this, but rather, I have devoted my life to the car business and believe I act as one of the loudest consumer advocate on car buying issues since Ralph N.  I attempted to contact the reader who complained, but the email kept bouncing and a posting here the other day failed to get the desired response, so I am posting this for everyone to see….


Please consider this e-mail the formal response of Craft Hughes Law, P.C. to your e-mail below regarding the “complaint of practice” you received.  You have our express permission and authorization to publish and/or distribute this entire e-mail response to anyone you wish.    On or about Saturday, March 27, 2010, we received a completed “Dodge Questionnaire Form” from a potential client named “Charles”. The same day, he received an e-mail thanking him for completing the Dodge Questionnaire and explained the process for filing his claim.  We did not receive a response from Charles until April 8, 2010,when he sent us an e-mail stating he did not want to hire our law firm for any legal services. Therefore, we closed his potential client file in accordance with our firm policy. I have never contacted Chrysler/Dodge on behalf of Charles, and our firm never attempted to contact Charles after he decided not to hire our firm.   As you know, we receive several Dodge inquiries each day regarding the 6.7 Cummins diesel exhaust problems.  If we decide to accept a case for legal representation, the potential client MUST sign a written Attorney-Client Agreement to hire our law firm.  Charles never signed an Attorney-Client Agreement with our firm, and he was never a client of our law firm.  We take great pride in the quality of legal representation we provide to all of our clients.  As a result, we have successfully and efficiently settled hundreds of cases on behalf of our clients.  We understand that some potential clients might get frustrated or upset with the process of filing a legal claim.  However, this is the first time anyone has made such an accusation against our law firm.  


W. Craft Hughes


There are several attorney’s around the country following Hughes’ lead on this, but he was the only one that stayed in touch with me when he got the class action together.  If you want a copy of the complaint email me and I will send you the pdf by email.

If you need any other car buying, selling, trading or financing assistance on any new or used vehicle,  please do not hesitate to email me at  or give me a call; 702-521-7546  I’m here to help you with any of your automotive needs and advice is free.

Sarah Lee is an automotive executive with 20+ years of experience. She writes about Cars, and is a staunch consumer advocate on car related subjects. Her company: MY CARLADY is a car buyer’s service committed to getting you the best deal on your next new or pre-owned vehicle. You can reach her at CAR DEALS

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