October 26, 2008 – Las Vegas, NV

The 2007 and 2008 DOdge RAM 2500-3500 Cummins diesel is well known for having terrible problems with re-occurring engine codes, lousy performance and poor fuel economy thanks to the government mandated use of Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.

Dealers have accused customers of not driving correctly, using the “wrong” fuel and every other imaginable offense, for a problem both they and the factory know are problems that can’t be fixed “in a flash”.

I have researched the various products, chips and kits available to bypass or eliminate these problems. Readers of this blog have sent me detailed information on solutions that have worked for them. There are a number of these products on the market, but in my research, only DPF-R contacted me to do an independent analysis. SO I contacted my fiends that I have sold these trucks to, and asked if they would be willing to have the kit installed and to provide the data, for a period of time they were comfortable, AND if they were not happy, I’d pay to have it removed, the truck put back to stock and report any information on that situation as well. 

SO, now I have a kit from the manufacturers of DPF-R to install and test on a 2007 DODGE RAM 2500. I don’t own the truck, the company that makes the kit or otherwise. I have no vested interest other than making an independent study of the kit, as many of you have asked about it. This kit isn’t cheap, $800.00 if you install it yourself, add another 1.5 hours time if you pay a mechanic. The truck wasn’t inexpensive either, at $55,000.00, so I want to be sure before I put myself out there to recommend something, that I see it for my own eyes and it lives up to the statements.

The owner has been recording his codes, the frequency of the check engine light appearance and the MPG for over a year. In the next week or so, I will video the actual installation and post it to this blog. Then we will continue to test it as he drives HWY, city and uses the truck to haul animals and do ranch work.  You can check back to see the diary of this test. Note that the product liability disclaimer says “to be used for off-road and truck racing purposes. I am checking into the “SMOG” compliance issue in accordance with vehicle registration laws in Nevada. (update to come.)

The pipe for the DPF install

The pipe for the DPF install

 This is the pipe that came with the kit. It’s 6′ length,  4″ diameter.

Click here to see the parts to the kit:

Incidentally, At the cost of diesel fuel, they say it adds 3-4 mpg, which will pay for the kit in a year of average driving, not to mention the lost time at the dealerships.

If you have any experience with this kit or would like to add comments please feel free to.

Continue reading more about these issues on the Dodge Cummins 6.7 diesel; poor performance, fuel economy and more…

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