1. Labor Day 2014 – 2015 Holiday car shopping!

    08/08/2014 by MYCARLADY

    The annual end-of-model-year 2014 CAR sales have started already!

    Unfortunately, most of the 2014 inventory is already gone or whittled down to the most heavily equipped, wrong colors or least popular models in the manufacturers line-up.

    GOOD FOR YOU, the savvy car shopper, if you can be flexible about color and options.

    If you don’t care about the change in body style: Ford MUSTANG, or the fact the car has been discontinued.

    The rebates are hot and heavy on expensive trucks: DODGE RAM 1500 (up to $5000 off msrp) as the new 2015 Ford F150, with a military-grade aluminum chassis gets better fuel economy, is more modern styling and is killing it on the dealership show-room sales tote.


     2015 New Models are rolling in NOW- Incentives to launch Labor Day Sales.

    Most dealerships will be open the Monday of Labor Day, September 1st, as the working public takes a break from barbecues and back-to-school shopping to try and score a deal.

    Some dealer groups and Auto Malls are offering free first year automobile registration (sans your plate credit, and up to a predetermined amount) so check around, as this could save you a bundle.

    However, FREE registration is typically for the Labor Day weekend only, and on in-stock vehicles, so make sure it’s the car you really want or can live with, or you really aren’t    saving anything.

    Look for deals on convertibles and roadsters like the Jaguar F-TYPE, Ford Mustang, Lexus IS250, VW Beetle and Chevy Camaro, as the tops down season winds to a close in many    parts of the country. Winter dealers don’t want soft-tops on the lots when the snow starts flying.


     Auto Loans get easier during Summer Sales


    The manufacturers want to help the dealers clear their lots this holiday sales weekend so they will order more of the new 2015 models.

    AUTO Loans- Lending eases with Holiday Sales events.


    As a result of this sales push, credit and lending gets a bit easier for those with solid jobs, history of living in the area and a decent 10% or more cash down payment. Trade-ins are also a good way to secure a loan, as down payment, providing you do not owe more on the car than it is worth. Banks are wise to the “inflate the value” of a junk trade-in to make it look like a higher percentage of down payment, to an inflated purchase price, so have your cash ready.

    Those car buyers with great credit scores of 740 or higher are able to borrow as low as .09% on incentive auto loan rates. 720 FICO AUTO SCORES can get 1.9% on many vehicles, but remember if you take the low interest rate over the cash rebate (if offered), you REALLY need to keep the loan open the whole term. DON’T PAY IT OFF EARLY, is what I’m saying… or you lose the value of the low rate. Might as well take the cash incentive and get a bit higher rate if you intend to pay it off or trade the car before the term is up.

    That all aside, the deals are out there on NEW< NEW <NEW cars this holiday season. So consider buying a NEW CAR over something Used, s the late model pre-owned are still relatively high compared to the deals you can get on new if you are smart about it.

    Tomorrow: USED CARS this 2104  LABOR DAY HOLIDAY car sales weekend. 


    Sarah Lee Marks is MyCarlady. She has over 25+ years of experience. She writes about cars, and is a staunch consumer advocate on car related subjects. MyCarlady offers free car buying advice, and private, auto-related services including vehicle registration in Clark County, Nevada to help you maintain your personal or commercial vehicles. Call Sarah Lee for more information: sarahlee@mycarlady.com. Join the MyCarlady newsletter to be kept up-to-date on this and other important car information.

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