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    02/26/2015 by MYCARLADY

    MyCarlady now offers a easy alternative to the chaos at NV DMV.

    Frustrated by the texting or online system or daunted by the LONG lines wrapping around the building at 8 am?


    Let MyCarlady handle you Nevada DMV needs for $25.00*

    In the effort to modernize the lines at DMV, they just got LONGER. Why?

    The new DASH PASS online registration renewal and transfer system works about half the time. The system doesn’t tell you you can only go in once

    and when you ttry to go back in you are sent an error code. It also will not allow you to proceed if your transaction paperwork is not COMPLETELY filled out by the dealer and matches everything DMV already has on file for you.

    If you want a specialty plate, handicap placard, have insurance issues or any other random item beyond a simple re-registration of your existing vehicle, you could be back to the DMV.


    If you DO NOT text, you can go to dmv and ask the door attendant for a pass to “get in line”. You will be given a number, which will be called out to a particular window.

    If you get up early and text in before 7:45 am, the system will not give you a time.

    After 7:45 am, you can text DMV “LOCATION” to the text number 347-763-6211.

    A few seconds later the automated system will text you back a request for information on what you need to do: Renewal, Drivers license, title, or other, with a corresponding number.

    You are to TEXT back the NUMBER of the item you are coming to NV DMV to handle.

    Then the text system responds with an approximate wait time: YOUR WAIT IS “180” MINUTES.

    SOMETIMES the system will tell you all appointments are full and you have to try another day…

    BUT what they don’t tell you is,  you can still go to the door and try to get in and… WAIT.

    I have seen people leaving DMV at 8:00 pm at night, after waiting since before closing hours. (Nevada DMV is trying to accommodate those who showed up).

    You must be in the building BEFORE your number is called, as they only wait 45 seconds, yup SECONDS, before calling the next person.

    If you need more time to get there simply text “M” for MORE TIME, and when you get to DMV, you can text “J” to rejoin the line.
    Have your cell phone ready to show the DMV attendant your phone number, as people have been known to JUMP THE LINE.

    NV DMV staff now checking the paperwork at the door…

    That long line wrapped around the building is caused by staff checking your paperwork. So many folks arrived at the counter without the correct documents, the system was clogged with un-necessary return visits. You can be stopped at the door and told to go home, get your stuff and return, which means, sending another text with the letter “L” which means LEAVE.

    You can then send a text of the letter “J” to rejoin the line, and actually jump in front of people who have already been told they are up next in XX minutes.

    You cannot be held over from one day to the next, so the system gets further clogged with people texting “J” to reJOIN several times in a day, then NOT SHOWING UP, which prohibits others from getting in the door.

    All told this system can work wonders when the bugs are worked out, but for now, you can call or text MYCARLADY at 7o2-five 2 one- seven five 4 six and let me help you.

    *prices start at $25.00

    Sarah Lee Marks is a consumer car advocate, published author and auto enthusiast with over 25 years of automotive experience. If you have a question feel free to contact her at sarahlee at mycarlady dot com Advice is always free with MyCarlady.

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